Parental Abuse by Children

Photograph/Louise A

Photograph/Louise A

Editor’s Note: The following featured article is written by 13-year-old Isra Akhter from Ontario, Canada.

They abuse you, hiding it with the fact that they are commonly known as, your own parents. Whether you like it, it’s constant. I take it you have heard of child abuse, but has Parental Abuse ever been mentioned to you?

It's not a simple act of whether you decide what's best for them, it is the control and power your children want to have over you, their parents. It's like high school all over again, suddenly your children become your bullies. Common strategies are known as manipulation, control, and intimidation. Whether it be about a video game to staying up late, no matter how hard you try to get them under control, it's no use. You're afraid. What have they got against you?

Parental abuse is a form of domestic abuse. Your children can inhabit control over you with common actions. These include swearing, creating physical threats such as slapping or pushing, refusing what has been asked to do, being known as a bully in a school environment and/or causing physical damage around the house; such as throwing objects. All the signs above could lead to immense family breakdowns, job loss or even depression. Many people believe parental abuse is a result of bad parenting, negligence or abuse. However, I believe that as a society we aren't going above and beyond to teach our children basic life rules, such as respect, love, and care.

Children typically fall into drugs, become alcoholics, but it's usually because of social deprivation. In our era, we don't have anyone, but celebrities to look up to. I strongly agree that we as parents must wake up and pay attention to the influences our kids are tunneling out to while watching YouTube. Since society portrays women as weak and men as strong, you might want to take a guess on whom would most likely be a victim.

When it comes to child abuse, help is only a ‘google’ away. What does that have to say for all those suffering in silence?