Staying Informed As A Teen

Photograph/Matthew Henry

Photograph/Matthew Henry

It’s 2019. Politics are buzzing, school is in session, and social media is being used more than ever. Many kids and teenagers are privileged to have access to technology in this day in age. Whatever device you are reading this on, whether it’s maybe a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, this technology brings internet access! With internet access comes overwhelming information overload. So let’s take advantage of this information and the accessibility of social media! Staying informed is very important, even as a teen. After all, shouldn’t we know what is happening in the world in which we live? Especially the world we will lead someday. We have the privilege of being upcoming voters. It’s important to understand politics, something which plays such a vital role in life. Being informed is the start of being involved.

Google is so convenient! There you can find articles, (whether factual information or opinion pieces,) videos of so many different topics, resources to help you understand something, and organizations to get involved with! Find websites and sources that work for you. There is a diverse range of websites. Even Teen Vogue regularly posts about politics and social topics! When talking about reading up on politics, the bias conversation comes into play. It is recommended to obverse both sides of the political spectrum. People tend to stick with sources they agree with or will more likely read something they know they will be pleased with. Look for something or someone you disagree with, this can strengthen your beliefs and is an educational process. Read multiple sources to check if the information is factually true, especially if you are reading from non-credible sources on social media.

Collect a balanced resources. Use free time to do research on topics that interest you. Read the headlines, then read beyond them. Follow your favorite activist organizations or politicians you agree with on social media! Subscribe to news briefing emails! Even watch talk shows (shows similar to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah).  Don’t depend only on news shows to get information but know political entertainment can still have truths and valid points! Enjoy informing yourself and be proud of yourself for knowing the facts! Knowledge is powerful.

Here are some teen made sources I personally appreciate:

First, @Newsinarush on Instagram. This is a weekly news account that posts about a different relevant news topic every Monday. This is also different because International topics are also often discussed. Every topic is explained in 60 seconds, in such a way that everyone can understand. This is convenient, easy to comprehend, and my favorite part is that it remains unbiased in every episode. Josh knows the importance of following your own beliefs and consuming unbiased media to help form those opinions. Joshua Rush runs the account, you may have read articles about him playing Disney’s first openly gay character.

Teens resist is another convenient source. Their goal is to make it easy to catch up on relevant issues.  This is aimed towards teens and is written by teens. While summing up stories, the site also provides resources!