Being Forgetful of Claims and it's Implications

Art/Wall Street Journal

Art/Wall Street Journal

In a constantly and quite rapid evolving setting such as today, it’s evolution comes with problematic issues, controversy, and a climatic social and political climate. Day by day an insurmountable amount of issues surface whether it be profound corruption, resignation, surfacing of past behavior and so much more. Newspaper publications, social media platforms, and television are quick to cover an issue sometimes even within minutes of demise. Yet, within every situation, every factoid expressed, and every sense of rage seems to end abruptly and without being fully addressed, appreciated, questioned, or analyzed.

What happens when we as a society find out about wrongdoings of public officials? Occurrences that led to the demise of many? Issues that perplex the targeted group to the fullest extent to this day? We recognize it, address it with fury for a few days and then leave it to settle. A few words typed here, speaking publicly for a few hours, or simply screaming at the reveal of such events although considered expression act in so far to the minimal extent with minimal impact. Being able to convey expression, is something that is a guaranteed right, and something that is indeed used but not enough. A few days after the discovery of wrongdoing or the foreshadowing of a detrimental action taken on behalf of personal interest and it just seems to disappear as it never existed or continues to be a perpetuating problem.

Although, yes the current status quo is constantly changing, more pressing issues take precedence or focuses shift, it does not mean that the problems previously that impacted society on that very scale magically disappear. Instead due to not addressing the situation they become a harmful continuity whether it be discriminatory, racist, stereotypical, diminishing, or physical harm. By not addressing the issue and letting it resolve due to a lack of interest the issues that once perplexed still perplex and often at an exacerbated rate.

The oddity of it all lies within the fact that we should be held accountable of expressing our voices and concerns as new issues surface yet also keeping up with those who fail to see progress and that exactly is what we should be working to change. It is imperative that we as a society do not move off of a issue because a new one arises, one that is more entertaining and full of fury. We must look to an issue, continue to voice our expressive abilities towards the issue until it is resolved. When a questionable action or remark is brought to our attention addressing it to the fullest extent is necessary because sending an issue on its way after it has exceeded a deadline of interest is what causes the issues of society to carry over and gives those very issues the ability to continue on. Issues and ideologies from just yesterday to all the way from many centuries will continue to harm our society and hold it back, it will allow injustices to continue forward, and it will continue to be an inherent flaw in our ability to challenge the abuse of power if we let it. Rather than focusing our attention on chasing just the next biggest issues and scandals we must also provide solvency and express concerns for the issues that have a perplexed society for far too long and will continue to do so if we are always forgetful of claims once made.