The Reality of this Era: Islamophobia



Editor’s Note: This article was written by past Defiant writer, Jannat Yaqobi.

On March 15. 2019, during Friday Prayer, 51 Muslims were shot and killed with an additional 50 who were injured by a white supremacist terrorist. As young as 3 to 71 years old were killed in the name of hate. 

The 28 year old white male has been charged for the murder of 50 people and his actions has been labelled as a terrorist attack. Fortunately, this time he wasn't given the excuse of having a "mental illness." 

Enough people have died, and it's time for us take action. We need to further educate ourselves and try to educate others on this serious issue. Many families live in fear across the world, worrying that they may be the next target. Let's stand up against this hatred and show there is still hope in the world.

We should all take a moment to pray for the families of the victims and to hope they have patience to get through this tough time.