Go Vegan to Help Animals, the Environment, and Yourself



You’re asleep in your bed on a lazy Saturday morning; sunlight sweeps through your window, across your bedroom, illuminating your face as your eyes flutter open. You stretch your arms, smiling lightly. You probably take the moment for granted, assume it to be one of the many little pleasures of daily life.

But to hens in the American egg industry, that moment is an impossible dream. The birds, raised in factory farms, are stuffed into miniscule battery cages, crammed so tight they don’t even have space to spread their wings. Most of them never see a ray of sunlight in their short lives.

Meanwhile in the dairy industry, “rape racks” are used on innocent cows, forcing them to be repeatedly artificially impregnated, for the sole purpose of increasing the number of babies each cow births and maximizing the industry’s profit. And you can probably imagine the horrors of the meat industry without being told them.

These are only a few of the many, many reasons to go “vegan” - that is, cut all animal products and by-products out of your lifestyle.

Everyday, Americans consume unimaginable amounts of animal products - especially meat and dairy - while doing so hurts their bodies, the environment, and most of all, the animals. Whether we like to hear it or not, humans are animals, and if you think about it, cutting up your hamburger isn’t that much different than murdering your pet dog, which isn’t that different from hurting a fellow human.

If you can’t drive to your nearest farm and butcher an animal yourself, should you really be eating that steak?

Making the change to veganism would contribute to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, preserving various animal species, conserving water, and helping a plethora of other environmental causes. As of right now, we humans only get one earth. We should be doing everything we can to avoid hurting it.

As aforementioned, going vegan wouldn’t just help animals and the planet, it would also help you. Heart disease is America’s top killer, and while some people are prone to this deadly disease, we also hold a lot of prevention power in our own hands. Less than five percent of vegans are victims of heart disease - a percentage which is much higher for their meat-eating counterparts. Likewise, if done well, a vegan diet can help prevent a multitude of other illnesses. Isn’t sacrificing hot dogs and milkshakes worth living to see your grandchildren grow up?

Next time you order a cheeseburger, think about your arteries clogging, think about the Earth in ruins. Think about baby cows ripped from their mothers, and imagine yourself in those cows’ positions.

Perhaps it will make you put down that burger.